November 25, 2020 by John Herrington in Strategy

Sparkling Water Hits The Spot Again & Again

“Like a single skittle dissolved in water,” or my personal favorite, “transported in a truck near bananas.” Not everyone gets the sparkling water phenomenon. Me? I am all in. Waterloo. La Croix. Bubly. Spindrift. Bring me all the fizzy, lightly flavored, delightful H2O upgrades. And apparently, I’m not the only one.

The recent history of carbonated water is a fun one to follow. The mid 2000s is when we first saw significant growth in production. Revenues rose double digits by 2018, establishing a multibillion dollar industry. La Croix was suddenly the la drink to have. Sales of the carbonated drink went from $65 million in 2010 to $226 million in 2015. Which is- I’ll say it- la amazing. The rising trend towards a healthy lifestyle coupled with the growing power of social media set the stage well for the sparkling water to thrive.

Enter 2020. With TP and bottled water flying off the shelves, consumers were desperate for essentials. Basic water needs, plus bored fridge surfing at home, and the consumer appetite for bubbly skyrocketed. In March alone, U.S. sparkling water sales rose by 52%. Fine. I will own 3-4% of that.

Long story short, the carbonated beverage market only continues to have good days. The pandemic plus health conscientious America plus social media buzz have proved a prime platform for the market. By leveraging their allure as a “healthy option” and capitalizing on their it status in curated Intsagram selfies, the genre continues to maintain its relevance.

How can you leverage your brand in today’s market? In spite of the pandemic, how can your business help? In response to health conscious America, how does your product contribute? According to the current trends, how does your brand hold up? There are always new opportunities to position yourself well before the customer.

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