October 26, 2020 by John Herrington in Storybrand

Upgrade Your Customers to First Class. It Will Pay Off.

In a unique attempt to raise cash, Singapore Airlines offered reservations for a pop-up eatery inside one of their grounded airplanes. Tickets sold out in thirty minutes. As crazy as it sounds, it kind of makes sense. The airline industry is suffering unprecedented losses. Customers are desperate to eat out and dreaming of their travel days. So why not offer a fine dining experience inside of a grounded airplane? Sounds hokey, but it worked.

Singapore Airlines, most likely without even realizing it, implemented one of the key components of the StoryBrand marketing strategy. They made the customer the hero. Why else would a business meant to be air bound offer a service on the ground? Well, because that’s where the customers are.

And just as the pandemic has forced the airline industry to get creative, it’s also paved the way for upstart agencies to find their footing. Customer needs have drastically increased and drastically evolved. They need desks for the home office, new running shoes for the virtual marathon, a cook book, a blender, a tool kit- which probably means a first aid kit. The list goes on. These new needs set the stage for new services. No better time for a new business– or in StoryBrand terms- a new guide, to enter in and offer a helping hand.

By focusing on the consumer as the center of your brand’s story, you (the guide) are better positioned to serve their growing needs. How will your product help them get through the day? How will your services make their lives easier? If you want to pull a Singapore and serve food from your car, maybe hold that thought. No one wants to eat take-out in your Prius. Your business already knows how to help its customers. Your company already has a great story. It’s just time you actually tell it.

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