December 15, 2020 by John Herrington in Strategy

Pajamas and Pad Thai- today’s average customer

Domo’s eighth edition of Data Never Sleeps is telling. You know when that weekly screen time report pops up, and you’re immediately tempted to throw your phone down the sink and train for a 5K? Yeah, similar effect here. This stunning infographic reiterates just how much the world is online. Besides inciting some well-deserved screen time shame, the startling figures should motivate how our businesses move forward. And if nothing else, the graphic is just really pretty to look at. Am I wrong?

Such high numbers per minute do bring a whole new weight to the reality of today’s virtual presence. I mean, 555 meals ordered on Door Dash per minute? How much Pad Thai can one person take? Haven’t any of you learned to cook in quarantine? But that’s besides the point. The world is moving online at increasing speeds. We have millions of opportunities, literally every minute, to engage with our audience. 

The power of a digital presence can alter the course of your business dramatically. Story time. A San Diego candy shop owner was about to close her doors for good when she found saving grace in the app we all hate to love. “TikTok is the one that really, truly saved our business.”

Other businesses not only went to the customers online, but also took into consideration where they were beyond the screen. You’re not fooling anyone. You’ve been on the couch, and Hill House Home knows it. The upscale retailer capitalized on the world’s homebody status and gifted us with the nap dress. Sales skyrocketed in July. And after our dressy casual naps, we’re probably putting on a face mask or bathing in essential oils. Health and wellness brands enjoyed a search surge since time at home allowed self care to take a front seat. The skincare category saw a 317% growth just in the second quarter. My broken out, middle school face was born twenty years too soon.

2020 was a wild one and 2021 remains uncertain, but I am confident in two things. We must be flexible and we must be online. Whether it’s taking on a platform deemed ‘out of your league,’ or adapting your product to serve the current demand, the success of your business depends on its digital agility. And please, order the nap dress. You can’t knock it ’til you try it.

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