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Social Media Success for Every Brand

If you’ve been around us for any amount of time, you know we’re all about StoryBrand. Donald Miller’s renowned marketing formula has helped companies of all shapes and sizes simplify their message to further their brand. Claire Diaz-Ortiz’s book Social Media Success for Every Brand is almost like StoryBrand’s really good sequel. Or better yet, the “extended cut” version that only the real fans watch. Well, we’re the real fans, so when we caught wind of Ortiz’s work, we got to reading. And sure enough, we’re glad we did.

“You need to learn what it means to effectively use social media to amplify your brand’s clear story and build long-lasting movement around your product, service or idea.”

Ortiz effectively uses the overarching analogy of a cocktail party to explain social media success. Follow along. At said cocktail party, no one likes the Joe Shmoe who is there to talk about himself. The one who corners you at the bar to flex about his mustang, his latest number of retweets and asks if you want to Vape out front. Yikes. Hard pass. But who’s the guy at the cocktail party you like and better yet, you remember? The one telling the great story. The one engaging you on a personal level. The one who makes you laugh, not because he demands the room, but because he is honest and relatable. THAT’S the guy you want to be like. And so when you enter the Social Media party, be that guy. Don’t spend your posts talking about yourself or stroking your own ego. Anyone who’s been to a frat house knows, it’s a major turn off. Of course, develop your story. Of course, establish your brand and establish it well. But do so by engaging and focusing on your audience. Make your customer the hero and your brand will be in a better position to serve them.

And how, you ask, do we go about this? Don’t be lazy. Read the book. But okay, fine. Because we love you, we’ll give you the Cliffs notes version. Behind Ortiz’ well worded philosophy is an even better plan. Introducing the SHARE Model. An incredibly helpful guideline to engaging your customers on social media. And conveniently presented in my favorite way, an acronym. ROY G BIV anyone?


S is for Story
Telling A Great Social Media Story
Fitting for a StoryBrand brainchild, the SHARE model kicks off with a great story. Using the SB7 tool, establish your brand’s story. And then, allow this story to narrate all of your shared content. Ortiz recommends closely following the 80/20 rule regarding the content you post.

80%- work to engage your audience. Original blogs, shared articles, podcast commentaries, tasteful selfies, etc. (if you’re not sure how to make it ‘tasteful,’ call your mother)

20%- The ‘call to action’ directed toward your followers.


H is for How
Who’s the King of Your Social Media Account?
Narrow your focus to the platforms that matter most to your brand. With proper strategy, well thought out intentions and scheduled consistency, your content will gain traction. And thanks to the world wide web, there are unlimited resources out there to help you get started. A few to start- Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout Social and Sendible.


A is for Audience
It’s Not About You
In line with true StoryBrand philosophy, it’s all about the customer. Ortiz’s three hot tips to develop empathy with your audience.

1. Tell A Great Story- we are all looking for that once upon a time and happily ever after.

2. Help Someone- you don’t have to be a weatherman to report the bad storm coming through. Or say someone raises a question about an upcoming event in your neighborhood? Here’s a crazy idea- answer them. Show your available to support your customers in any way you can, even when it’s not about your product.

3. Ask Questions- everyone likes to give their opinion- whether solicited or not. Propose an idea to your audience. Ask for suggestions or take a poll.


R is for Reach
Increase Your Reach To Amplify Your Brand
The success of your reach on you socials is “far less dependent on new follower growth than it is on how engaged your existing followers are with your product or service.” Boom. What do 25,000 followers matter when your stream is nothing more than angled pictures of your succulent collection? Prioritize the audience you have now. Continue to make connections and build your rapport. And when you have loyal followers that feel engaged with and see value in your brand, people will come. Cue James Earl Jones’ voice. People will come, Ray.


E is for Excellence
Excelling At Social Media Marketing
Stay on your toes. One day, a kid wanting nuggets is trending, and the next, everyone’s asking “black & blue or white & gold?” Be prepared to adjust. Plan to pivot. You can always be fine tuning your social media approach.

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