Top 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies In America
Top 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies In America
What a year.

Year in Review 2022

It’s hard to believe another 365 has passed, but here we are. 2022 was another happy trip around the sun for the Tegan team. We wrapped up projects and kicked off exciting new ventures. We could go on and on and on, but that’s what the rest of the Year in Review is for. Buckle up.

New Partnerships

We welcomed several new clients this year, and they’re all the very best. If you’re reading this, you’re our favorite. Don’t tell the others.

PBK Architects

Our newest friends from Houston have been dominating the architectural design business for nearly 40 years now, so we are thrilled to be on their team. Except we refuse to wear Astros colors. We have principles.


The Dallas-based nonprofit raises funds for families in the pediatric cancer community and empowers young cancer warriors’ entrepreneurial spirit. Sounds too good to be true, right? Except it’s true. We wouldn’t lie to you.

Uber Freight

Meet your favorite ride-sharing app’s shipping platform, Uber Freight. The company boasts one of the largest shipping and logistics networks in the world. FYI, they’ve already given us a five-star rating. What can we say, we keep really clean cars.

Morris & Dickson

Morris & Dickson is the nation’s largest, full-line independent pharmaceutical distributor, boasting services across 19 states. They also just turned 181, which officially makes them the oldest people we know. By a hair.

New Launches

Websites, apps, marketing campaigns and social strategies. We’ve completed a lot of projects over the past 12 months. Cue the Rocky theme song.

We worked with the Dents team to launch their revolutionary product back in February. Our crew developed a launch campaign that both informed and educated their prospective audience, including video design and production, photography and fresh branding.

Temple Emanu-El

Temple Emanu-El’s new site successfully launched in August. With fresh designs, updated branding and a more modern user journey, the new and improved platform serves as a fantastic digital representation of Temple’s welcoming and inclusive spirit.


We partnered with the architecture firm to update its existing website, as well as six separate websites for companies that fall under the PBK umbrella. That makes for a total of seven websites, in case you lost count. The updates provide a unified aesthetic for the variety of services PBK offers. Basically, they look better than ever.

Uber Freight

Uber Freight acquired our friends from Transplace late last year, and the merger required a new digital platform- that’s when we came in. The new website was designed by Traffik, and our team ran development and deployment.

Morris & Dickson

We collaborated with Spire, another Dallas-based agency, to develop Morris & Dickson’s new website. The redesigned space offers a fresh, more modern user platform. TBH, it’s a major upgrade.


As Salood’s Agency of Record, we’ve taken the lead on their latest social media strategy and campaign. Our team creates, designs and executes the non profit’s social media activity.

Around The Office

We’re still working with a flex schedule around here, and gather at the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We’ve definitely stepped up our game at HQ. There’s a new M&M dispenser on the counter, the dog treat jar is always full, and only two plants died this year. Winning. Most days, the office is blaring Taylor Swift or Ben Rector. Except on Fridays, when it’s just Aaron up there. He only plays Celine Dion. Go figure.

The best part of office days is gathering around the kitchen table. There’s usually a spread of chips and queso, iced-cold topos, and on any given week, some sort of baked good. We’re on an all carb diet around here. Around noon, everyone unplugs for a bit and pulls up a chair. Laura fills us in on the latest TikTok trends, Jacey on the baseball highlights, and Ryan surprises us with a new hot take. Oh, and we all get a chance to make fun of John. Core memories, y’all.

Meet Sophie!

Sophie joined us as our first ever Account Intern in the summer. She was the best intern in the history of interns. We tried to convince Sophie to skip her senior year at Mizzou and stay with us forever, but apparently college is important. PTL, she did agree to stay on remotely. Because she’s the coolest.

Meet Katie!

Katie became our newest Account Executive in June, and we’re not sure how we ever lived without her. She’s jumped in on several projects and has quickly proven to be part wizard. When Katie’s not working Tegan magic, she’s running marathons or cheering for Baylor. We forgive her for that one.

Love & Marriage

If you’re looking for love, come work for Tegan. Ryan got married in May, Laura got engaged in September, Kelsey got married in November and Jacey’s wedding is just around the corner. It seems like every other week, we’re throwing another shower with cake and champagne. Which works out great. Because we love cake and champagne.

Proud Parents

When we’re not building websites, fighting crime and solving world peace, we’re just moms and dads.

Our weekends are spent at the soccer fields, the playground and the dog park.

With all the kids and pets between us, we could put together a fairly competitive football team. Move over, Cowboys.


Tegan’s newest and tiniest member joined us this summer, Hank Rast. Carley welcomed Hank on June 29th, and swears he is now her favorite. Don’t tell the others.

Movers & Shakers

In true Tegan fashion, our team is movin’ on up in the world. We’re the up early, overachiever, first ones in class kind of bunch. Some say dorky. We prefer amazing.


Kelsey has served as a member of the DFWIMA for the past 1.5 years and this summer, she was asked to serve on the board. Kelsey oversees the Events pod, which means she’s in charge of organizing, planning and executing the majority of DFWIMA’s events, ranging from networking gatherings, to trivia nights, to sports outings. Rumor has it, she’s scoring Tegan tickets to the Super Bowl. She’s yet to confirm or deny this.


Morgan continues to represent Tegan West well, and completed her second year of service on the board of Colorado’s AAF. She is the VP & Communications chair, which means she is in charge of emails, Instagram, and basic national security issues. She also helped organize two events this year, including a membership event, and Bowling for Tots. When Morgan is not conquering the digital marketing world, she’s hiking with her family, drinking coffee, or moving across the country. Casual.


John joined Forerunner Mentoring’s board of directors this summer. He’s advising the organization on governance and (surprise surprise) marketing. John has a big heart for mentorship and has had several mentees within the organization over the last 5 years. His current mentee is a freshman in high school who just produced his own short film.


There’s only one way to juggle office meetings, Zoom meetings, lunch meetings and coffee meetings. Cancel them. Just kidding. iCal is a lifeline for most of our team. Except Carley. She insists on only using a paper calendar. And reading by candle light.

Top Emojis

1. Melt Face
2. Upside Down face
3. Clapping
4. Sob

From 9 to 5, we communicate according to strict standards of professionalism. About 80% in emojis. We also throw a few memes in the mix, but only when we’re feeling really buttoned up.

Tile Layouts

2022 was is the year of the rounded tile layout. Soft rounded boxes have the replaced many hard-edged rectangles, giving sites a soft yet futurist look. These friendly boxes are often stacked on top of each in a tiled pattern, allowing for organized stacking of information and seamless responsive design.

Artist of the Year

Ben Rector.

We’re mixing things up this year, and choosing an artist that’s not Taylor Swift. We dig all the sounds that come from Ben Rector, but this year’s album could be his best yet. The Joy of Music is the kind of listening that gets your toes tapping and your head bobbing. Hear for yourself.

Top TV Shows

1. Welcome to Wrexham
2. House of Dragon
3. Abbott Elementary
4. Severance

We have a list of about 67 binge worthy shows, but that felt a bit extreme. So, here’s 4 that stood out. A couple light-hearted laughs, a shameless nerd watch, and a real mind bender. We love television.

Ryan - Senior Designer

Most listened to album this year:
A Light for Attracting Attention by The Smile

A habit I want to kick in 2023:
Procrastinating. (Maybe this year?)

Laura - Senior Account Executive

A phrase I want to use more often:

Go to DoorDash order:

Julianne - Designer

Life Hack:
Everyone needs to know the life changing power of the Library Card

My New Year’s Resolutions:
Go to more concerts

Kelsey - Account Director

Favorite memory from 2022:
Getting married and becoming Mrs. Donaldson :)

A phrase I want to use more:
Anything from Love Island Australia. Their vocabulary is proper good.

Jacey - Account Executive

Most listened to album this year:
Harry's House (duh)

All I want for Christmas:
According to my parents, my wedding is my Christmas present for the next 50 years.

Aaron - Founder

Latest binge watch:
Welcome to Wrexham

All I want for Christmas:
A Monster Energy Drink sponsorship. And for my dog to behave.

Katie - Account Executive

Life hack:
If you put a stale tortilla chip in the oven, it won’t be stale anymore

Most listened to album this year:
American Heartbreak by Zach Bryan

John - VP Client Services

Proudest accomplishment this year:
Making top 0.01% of Third Eye Blind’s listeners on Spotify Wrapped 2022

My New Year’s resolution:
Make the top 0.001% of Third Eye Blind’s listeners on Spotify Wrapped 2023

Morgan - Account Supervisor

I wouldn't go a day without:
Coffee. Need more please.

I can’t believe I missed:
Aaron breakdancing at Kelsey’s wedding

Carley - Brand Communications

Life hack:
Paper plates.

All I want for Christmas:
A clean car. Dreaming big this year!

Thank you.

Without friends like you, we couldn't do what we do. So, thank you for trusting us with all of your business. And thank you for making it this far. That took a lot of patience, and a whole lot of scrolling. Kudos to you.