Top 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies In America
Top 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies In America
Lyda Hill Philanthropies

Bold, Inspiring, Catalytic—Just Like Lyda Hill

Our Role
  • Storytelling
  • Information Architecture
  • UX/UI Design
  • Digital Strategy
  • Web & CMS Development
  • Ongoing Site Management


If you are remotely familiar with Ms. Lyda Hill ‘s decades of contributions as a pioneering entrepreneur and philanthropist, you know that there’s nobody else quite like her. Back in 2010, Ms. Hill signed the Giving Pledge (sponsored by Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren Buffet, and others) and committed to donate the entirety of her wealth to philanthropic initiatives during her lifetime.

With Ms. Hill’s extraordinary vision underway, the Lyda Hill team knew the organization’s website needed to reflect her selflessness and catalytic rigor. By bringing both LHP and LH Capital under one roof, we could connect with both potential grantees and community partners, providing resources for organizations tied to her four focus areas of work: science, nature, nonprofit empowerment, and community investment. Both entities came together under one roof in a brand new, fully redesigned site for potential grantees and community partners to access resources across the organization’s four focus areas of work: science, nature, nonprofit empowerment, and community investment.

Our team tackled strategy, design, and development of the new site, working alongside the LH team to build a smart, engaging platform that clearly communicated the organization’s distinct offerings while infusing Ms. Hill’s inspiring approach to life and work on every page.

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Showcasing their unique approach

Our design team skillfully integrated the characteristics of Ms. Lyda Hill herself into the site’s design with fun, eye-catching visual elements. We used large, bold typography, close-up shots of science and nature, a bright color palette, and other techniques to communicate both innovation and optimism for the future. To showcase the organization’s unique, two-pronged approach, we also created a custom spectrum illustration to feature on the Our Approach page.

Tegan stuck to a timeline and adjusted quickly as new opinions surfaced. Additionally, they were very communicative and collaborative. Overall, outstanding.

Senior Associate, Lyda Hill Philanthropies

A seamless user experience

Our development team implemented a sleek, modular design along with micro-UX elements to streamline interactions and a seamless user experience. We also developed standardized page templates to ensure that the LH team could easily create and maintain pages as content needs evolve.

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