July 8, 2021 by Carley Alspaw

Safe Harbor Marinas App by Tegan Launches

We successfully launched Safe Harbor Marinas’ new app late last week. Pretty sure it’s the coolest thing to hit the app store since Angry Birds.

The Safe Harbor Water app invites its members to explore the nationwide network of Safe Harbor’s waterfront locations and experiences. Members can check on their Home Port’s current conditions, manage their personal vessel’s profile, and review Membership benefits. The app will also allow users access into Safe Harbor’s Marketplace, a platform for buying and selling boats. Rumor is, Bezos regrets not using the app to purchase his super yacht. You snooze, you lose, Jeff.

Our team developed the app for both iOS and Android users. To find out more about our work with Safe Harbor, check out the case study here.

Read the press release here.

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