September 15, 2020 by Laura Ritchie

Massoud Furniture Partners with Tegan

Massoud Furniture has been creating luxury, custom furniture for over 50 years. The family-owned and operated business is known for it’s high quality craftsmanship and excellence in customer care. We are thrilled to be working with a group considered the best in their industry. Are we also eager for some new sofas in our office lounge? Yes.

Our team will reconstruct Massoud Furniture’s website using the StoryBrand approach, bringing improvements to the user journey and the overall messaging of the brand. With strategic planning, and some Tegan magic, Massoud’s new and improved online platform will accurately reflect the caliber of their work. Bottom line, it’s going to be awesome.

The new website is expected to launch in 2021. Get ready to feng shui.

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