January 30, 2020 by Morgan Hornung in Social Media

How To Stay Authentic To Your Brand On Social Media

The real secret to growing your followers, making conversions and becoming a thought leader in the industry, is showing up authentically online. This means creating an online voice that represents an honest picture of who you are as a brand — aligning your social presence with your mission, values, and goals. It’s creating a voice that resonates with your audience in a human, helpful and reliable way.

We connect most with content that is real, and people can catch on to content that is inauthentic a mile away. So, how can brands keep things authentic on social and connect with their audience?

1. Be Honest and Transparent

Go behind the scenes and humanize your brand with your social media content. Makeup brands like ColorPop and Beautycounter do a great job with this sharing stories about how their products are made, their manufacturing practices and the thought process behind their products. If you’re a service, try sharing the work that goes into creating your customer experience. 

Bringing your consumers behind the curtain goes a long way in building loyalty, and helping them feel like they have stakes in your company.

2. Listen and Respond

Nothing is more authentic than having real, one-on-one conversations with your followers. It’s crucial to listen to what your customers have to say and to respond with valuable and timely insight. 

T-Mobile is known for engaging with customers across its social media platforms, and for having a pleasant and personable social presence. Looking through their Twitter page, it’s easy to see that they definitely make it a point to respond to the majority of customer inquiries they receive.


3. Spread Out Sales Pitches and CTA’s

You want to add value to your customer’s lives, which means your posts can’t all be asking them to buy a product. Strike a balance between posts that are meant to convert or sell and posts that are meant to simply connect with your audience.


4. Plan & Be Consistent

Take the time to put together a well-planned social media content calendar, and make sure all your posts will resonate with your audience. This will help you not only strike the balance above, but consistency means engagement, which means your posts will continue to show up on your customer’s feeds, especially when you need them to.


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