June 20, 2017 by John Herrington in APPS

Amazon Wants All of My Money 😳

📰 News

Wow. Jeff Bezos has been busy lately. We learned last week that Amazon is not only buying Whole Foods ($13,7B), but they’re also rumored to be acquiring Slack as well ($9B). 😳 Of all the chatter we’ve seen since Friday, Ben Thompson’s analysis of the Whole Foods acquisition is one of the most interesting to us. Link

It’s a race. Amazon is gobbling up brick-and-mortar and Walmart is beefing up their online offerings. On that note, Walmart quietly acquired Bonobos for a cool $310M cash on Friday. That’s pretty terrible timing with Amazon’s announcement happening almost simultaneously. As a Bonobos loyalist I’m struggling with the sale, and apparently, I’m not the only one. I can’t reconcile a premium customer-centric brand like Bonobos joining forces with bargain-bin Walmart. You might say that’s the same problem with Whole Foods and Amazon, but we’ll see.

Other News

How Facebook is fighting ISIS. Link

The GIF turned 30 (we feel old). Link

Twitter redesigned itself and we’re diggin’ it. Link

Google Street View celebrates 10th anniversary. I guarantee there are “streets” you’ve never seen before. Link

🏆 Site of the Week

EcoAlarm — an alarm clock that generates royalties through Spotify to save the rain forest. Link

🖥 Cool Tech

Gatorade creates amazing animation using water droplets from 2,500 switches. Link

😍 Apps We Love

Astro Mail App — powered with AI, Slack integration, and $8.3M in funding. Link

Halide Camera App — beautiful design to take full advantage of your phone’s camera. Link

🎧 Weekly Mixtape

Your weekly Spotify ear candy. Link

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