January 16, 2020 by Sean McCracken in Email

5 Ways To Grow Your Email List Today

Social, social, social. Half the content on any marketing website details the importance of social media, how to build a social media strategy, why you need social media…the list goes on.

However, many brands are re-discovering that email is actually the first step towards building a customer relationship database. Email helps you nurture the leads, get the sale and create repeat business. Emails funnel followers and on-lookers and turn them into not just fans, but advocates for your brand.

1. Create an Amazing Lead Magnet

Digital Marketer defines a lead magnet as “an irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information.”

A lead magnet is essentially free content that you offer for download or exclusive access, in exchange for your lead’s email address. It could be anything: exclusive video content, a guide, an eBook, an email course…whatever your target audience finds appealing and that creates immediate benefit for them.

2. Use CTA’s…Everywhere

By everywhere we mean, on any relevant blog or social media post, even in your email signature. A Call To Action helps your prospect know what value you can bring to their life, and how they can access it.

Don’t forget your profile or bio on your social media accounts as well.

3. Create Shareable Content

Your emails need to be well-crafted, and not only able to generate excitement and hype around your product, but also shareability. You want your current subscribers to forward your emails to their friends, and to do that, you need to provide great content for them. Check out our post on how to craft an email for some helpful tips. 

4. Segment 

Create different types of email subscriptions to send more targeted content to specific segments of your audience. Subscribers are more likely to click through emails that cater to their specific interests, so if you create multiple, targeted subscription types, you’ll increase the chance that visitors will subscribe to one of them.

5. Test, Test, Test

List churn eats up about 25-30% of the average email list every year. Link 

In other words, you can’t afford to lose what you worked so hard to gain. You need to not only have a crystal clear picture of who your audience is, but you also need to continue learning their preferences, what works and what doesn’t.

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