August 2, 2020 by Laura Ritchie

Ed Rankin Executive Coaching Rebrand with Tegan

Ed Rankin is an executive coach with more than 30 years of experience in helping corporate leaders lead effectively. Under his guidance, C-Suite level executives find the clarity and direction they need to lead with confidence. He is the guy you want on your team, and we are thrilled to work alongside him.

Our team will work to reestablish Ed Rankin’s brand, including a new logo, color palette and brand style guide. We’ll take his website through the StoryBrand approach and further engage his audience with photography and videography. Ed’s new and improved look will be completed with new marketing collateral, business cards and a memo.

Ed is like Robin Williams from Good Will Hunting, and then sprinkle in a little Yoda. He’s cool, wise and incredibly kind. With a fresh rebrand and a sophisticated online presence, we hope more of today’s leaders will  experience the gift of his valuable influence. We also hope that when we grow up, we get to be Ed Rankin.

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