A small, nimble,
experienced team.

We're serious about our work, but not serious about ourselves.
Sarcasm is a second language.

We formed Tegan in 2011, but we’ve been in the game for decades. You know, old enough to be experts but young enough to still have fun while doing it. We’ve worked at some of the largest agencies in the nation, and while we loved our time there, we’re going to stay small by design. This allows us to be selective with the clients and projects we take on.

We have deep roots in Dallas, but our network ranges from coast to coast. We’re a loyal group, so when we find good people we tend to work with them for years. Our team has cycled across the country, lived in some of the most dangerous parts of the world, and even played at Carnegie Hall. Some would say we’re unique, we’d just say we’re Tegan.

  • Aaron's headshot

    Aaron Mizell

  • John Herrington

    VP Client Services
  • Carley headshot

    Carley Alspaw

    Office Manager
  • Morgan's headshot

    Morgan Hornung

    Project Manager
  • Ryan's headshot

    Ryan Jarrell

  • Sean McCracken

    Sean McCracken

    Project Manager
  • Laura's headshot

    Laura Ritchie

    Project Manager
  • Ronnie's headshot

    Ronnie Johnson

  • Janet's headshot

    Janet Antich

  • Chris's headshot

    Chris Rigdon

  • Ron's headshot

    Ron Zvagelsky


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We’re a distributed team. We trust our people, no matter where they live.

Map of the United States with pins on the cities where our team is located

Join Our Team

We’re always looking for great people. Even if we don’t have a position open right now, opportunities frequently pop up and we like to have a short list. Let’s talk and see if we might be a good fit.

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